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Going through a divorce or other family law issue is by its very nature a hard and stressful situation, even when the situation is an amicable one and there are no real issues over which to fight. Add to that the frustration and fear that comes along with not knowing whether you should hire an attorney and you have created an almost impossible emotional situation. Questions about how the legal system works or the process of filing for a divorce leave you scratching your head and can add a lot of unnecessary worry to everyone's life. can take away the uncertainty of deciding whether or not you should obtain a divorce or file some other type of action with or without an attorney, while ensuring that things remain civil between you and your spouse. You have to consider that your case could end up being decided by a judge who didn't even know your name (let alone anything about your life!) five minutes before you walked into the courtroom. The judge is then expected to make a fair and just decision about your life after listening to 60 or 90 minutes worth of information about your lives. At this point, you need to ask yourself whether or not that is a rational choice and if that is really how you want decisions made about your life and situation. Don't let the legal system become a jungle of confusion, intimidation and fear.

If it is at all possible, you should try and avoid a contested divorce. Sometimes there are circumstance over which to fight, such as stopping the custody of a child by a bad or unfit parent. Lengthy legal battles, however can be detrimental mentally and financially to all involved. Often the only people who come out as "winners" in a contested divorce are the attorneys themselves. While a majority of people just want out of a situation with a spouse that didn't turn out as either person expected, in a contested divorce things can quickly turn into a minefield of hassle and headaches.

The uncontested matter, i.e. divorce, is the other side of the coin and involves people who have agreed on everything relating to the dissolution of the marriage and just need to have a legal and simple way to document their agreement and to get everything they need filed in the right court. As an experience attorney, I have seen numerous cases where a couple filed for divorce and either all of the paperwork was not complete or years later a question came up that was not covered by the divorce decree.

So what makes so different from everyone else? It's our commitment and dedication to excellent service and to helping you throughout the legal process. I don't just sell you the forms and let you struggle on your own. I give you step by step instruction on the procedures necessary to generate the right personalized documents for your specific situation. I tell you how to navigate through the maze of confusion and I make sure that your divorce is finalized with as little aggravation as possible.

Whether or not you have children, if your divorce is uncontested, don't pay those high attorney fees for something you and your soon-to-be-ex-spouse can do for a fraction of the cost. Let me and assist you in generating filing and completing your divorce.

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